Report on the lecture at Niigata Seiryo University (Mr. Hojo from Niigata Pref.)

Mr. Masanori Hojo, the head of the Niigata branch office of the Japan ALS Association, used HeartyPresenter in a lecture at the university.

We are reported from him about the impressions of this experience.

We would like to share this report with you below.

(*)  Developer’s note.

Outline of the lecture

  • March 7, 2019 (Thursday)
  • Lecture for 108 nursing students at Niigata Seiryo University School of Nursing
  • the theme of Home Nursing Theory “Home Care Life of ALS Patients”, (40 min.)
  • Windows 8, PowerPoint 2010, HeartyLadder (switch input)
    Impressions, etc. at the time of creation

Impressions of creating, etc.

  • HeartyPresenter, which automatically converts PowerPoint into presentation data as long as it is completed, is a revolutionary system that has never existed before, and I was surprised at how easy it is to operate.
  • I selected “Taro” among several talkers, because I felt that it was the easiest to listen to.
    (*) One of the voices of “Document Talker,” a product of Create System Development Co.
  • I added “Wait” as a countermeasure against not reading out the first line.
  • For the convenience of switch operation, I did not use “Wait” while running HeartyPresenter so that the switch operation can be completed with a single click.  (I learned while working on the PowerPoint text file that wait is automatically inserted if there is a line space in the text file.)
    (*) The latest β2 version supports return from wait by switch operation.
  • I effectively used pause as a means of inflecting the reading. The STRONG (volume) function was used for particularly emphasized passages. These two functions are indispensable when making a presentation, and I was able to create a nice presentation as a result of making full use of them.
  • I did not know how to operate the animation function of PowerPoint with HeartyPresenter, So I did not use it in this lecture. I would like to try it next time.

Impressions from the lecture

  • I brought my own computer to the lecture. On the other hand, the university had HeartyPresenter downloaded in case of any problems, so it made me comfortable.
  • I was able to finish the lecture within the allotted time of 40 minutes and the actual time of 43 minutes, which I felt was an indication of the excellent performance of the HeartyPresenter.


The HeartyPresenter is definitely a presentation system that supports the social participation of people with severe disabilities who have lost their voices. Its ease of operation made me feel as if I was giving the lecture myself. As someone who experienced the high performance of the system, I would like to make further use of it and will participate in society actively.

Finally, I would like to appreciate you for providing us with HeartyPresenter. And we look forward to the completion of products from β version as a mature presentation system as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your use and report, Mr. Hojo.