Download Ver.1.0

HeartyPresenter Version 1.0 Features

The software includes the following features:

  •  Automatically generates scenario files from PPT files.
  •  Edit scenario files with the Scenario Editor.
  •  Execute scenarios directly from the Scenario Editor.
  •  Scenario execution on a single monitor.
  •  Repeat playback of scenarios.
  •  Scenario control via click/joystick button.
  •  Voice synthesis available using Microsoft Speech Engine or Amazon Polly.

Operational Environment

  •  Confirmed to work on Windows 10 Home (64-bit), Windows 11 Home/Pro (64-bit).
  •  Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and 365 versions.

While confirmed to work in the above environments, it may also function in other settings. Please inform us if it works in an environment not listed above.

Usage Conditions

As this software is under development, unexpected issues may arise. Please ensure to back up your PowerPoint files before using them as the basis for scenarios.

We welcome feedback on any software malfunctions, usability issues, unclear aspects of the manual, or any other observations.


Download the latest installer from the link below and execute it:


Download the manual from the link below.


Communications regarding this software are limited to:

Please post inquiries regarding the use of this software to the above Facebook group. This pages are written in Japanese.


While there may be imperfections, we are committed to continuous improvement. We appreciate your understanding and support.