About the Developers

Development Planner: Hajime Takano

Born in 1965. Diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Onset in early 2013, received the diagnosis in October 2014. Gastrostomy construction in April 2016, tracheotomy and separation of the airway and esophagus in May 2017. Requires nursing care at level 5, classified as a severe disabled person with a first-class physical disability certificate (Disability Classification 6). Since then, stability in health has been achieved, and actively striving for social participation.

With experience as an R&D engineer, Silicon Valley resident, manager in a large corporation, executive in a venture, and involved in business management in China, Moto Takano is developing HeartyPresenter to leverage his expertise.

Software Development: Takaki Yoshimura

For the communication of individuals with severe diseases who lose their voice due to disabilities or illnesses, Takaki Yoshimura, a system engineer, has developed and freely released text input support software, speech synthesis software, and “Hearty Ladder.” He has been continuously improving this software for over 18 years. He himself has impairments due to cerebral palsy affecting limbs and language. Awarded “CITIZEN OF THE YEAR” in 2012 for inspiring society.

Orihime Collaboration: Kentaro Yoshifuji


A leading figure in robot research, Kentaro Yoshifuji serves as the director of “Orii Laboratory Co., Ltd.” Overcoming distance and physical challenges, he developed the telepresence robot “OriHime” with the vision of realizing a future where people can meet those they want to meet and go wherever they want to go. Awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award at the largest domestic science contest “JSEC” and the Grand Award 3rd at the world’s largest science contest “ISFF.” Kentaro Yoshito has gained attention through numerous interviews with television, newspapers, and other media.