Using for daily communication (Mr. Sugita, Kanagawa Pref.)

Shogo Sugita, founder and vice president of Kawasaki Tsunagarokai, usually uses HeartyPresenter .

When  the university students visited his home recently, he introduced himself and reported on his use case to them in the Q&A session.

This posting is the report from him at that time.


  • Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2020
  • Content: Photographer Hanana Takemoto and 4 students from Tsudajyuku university visited his home.
  • Environment: Windows 10, PPT2016

Impression of Creating Presentation

Once the content of the explanation for each slide of the PowerPoint presentation is determined, the presenter can simply load the data, making it easy to create.

It is easy to create for me. As a result, I have a little bad habit to spend a lot of time on small details such as animations as a result.(LOL)


In their visit to my home, I used the HeartyPresenter to introduce myself and answer questions that students had asked me in advance.

In addition to this, I also created data for explaining to helpers about  “guidebook on how I provide assistance to people”.

I rarely have opportunities to give lectures, so I almost use it for this kind of personal use.

I feel that HeartyPresenter is effective in such situations that I want to explain something well, but it takes too much time and effort to explain it orally.

Comment from Ms. Hanana Takemoto, who led university students

I visited Mr. Sugita with a group of students who were seeing ALS patients for the first time.

It was impressive to see that the students frantically took notes as he answered their questions in a voice beyond their imagination.

The students were very impressed with how easily they could see what Mr. Sugita was thinking. However, my honest impression was that the playback speed was a bit fast for taking notes.

I think it is very meaningful that we are able to communicate and understand each other with people with disabilities with using this kind of software.

(Note) HeartyPresenter allows you to change the playback speed of the audio.