Download β2 version

Improvements in HeartyPresenter β2 version

The following functions are now supported

  • Scenario execution on a single monitor (Manual 2-7)
  • Repeat scenario playback (Manual 4-2)
  • Scenario control by click/joypad buttons (Manual 4-3)
  • Provides a way to add Microsoft Speech Engine’s Ayumi Mobile and Ichiro Mobile for text-to-speech (Manual 4-1)
  • Adding Amazon Polly to Text-To-Speech (Manual 3-4-1)

Operational Environments

  • Windows10 Home (64 bit version)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

While confirmed to work in the above environments, it may also function in other settings. Please inform us if it works in an environment not listed above.

Usage conditions

As this software is under development, unexpected issues may arise. Please ensure to back up your PowerPoint files before using them as the basis for scenarios.

We welcome feedback on any software malfunctions, usability issues, unclear aspects of the manual, or any other observations.


Clicking on the link below and download the latest installer and execute it.


Added Ayumi Mobile, Ichiro Mobile to Text-To-Speech

Download, unzip and run the following file.

※Note that running this file is limited to Windows 10 64bit version.


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If you have any questions about using this software, please post them to the FB group above.


While there may be imperfections, we are committed to continuous improvement. We appreciate your understanding and support